"Fitz is a sucker for a tragic love story."

It was like I woke up when she came in.


So are we going to wait any longer for this to happened?



Why Theo James is the hottest guy going - the powerpoint

"If you wanna survive, follow me"
"uriah" "lynn" IM CRYING

"uriah" "lynn" IM CRYING


Petition to use “If You Say So” by Lea Michele at the end of Allegiant but from A man’s point of view


Ok so I just watch divergent and I think I’m going to cry all night long. It was pure perfection and I loved that I was so like the book and yeah they did change some things and yeah the did skip some parts (I WAS WAITING FOR THE PART AT THE END WHEN THEY ARE IN THE TRAIN AND HE TELLS HER THAT HE LOVES HER) but in my opinion it was so like the book and I’ve always loved Theo as Four but if you had any doubts about him being for, after this movie you are going to love him. He is everything you expect Four to be AND SHAI DID AN AMAZING ACT AS TRIS. And Ansel was so hot and amazing and jdjdjsd.. Ok going back to my point.. I loved the movie and it is perfect but am I the only one nervous and scared because of the fact that Insurgent won’t be directed by Neil? I mean, what if the next director changes it a lot or something like that? I’m really scared about that one and Insurgent is where all the war happens basically and there are a lot of important things about it so I a bit scared about that but let’s hope it turns out just fine


This got to me.